Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chacon Backers Make Me Laugh

It was expected, but still makes me scratch my head. Today the baseball players union filed a grievance over the Astros release of pitcher Shawn Chacon. The union says Houston's decision to terminate Chacon's contract was without just cause.

Really? Without just cause? What about attacking the general manager. What about ignoring your pitching coach and manager several times after being demoted from the starting rotation. Regardless of how Ed Wade handled the confrontation, there's no excuse for what Chacon did. If I had shown the same lack of respect to my news director or general manager, I'd been gone in a heartbeat.

Chacon has no one to blame but himself. What business would allow an employee to stay employed for such behavior? Does the players union not understand that Chacon attacked the general manager? The only thing worse would have been owner Drayton McLane. If the Astros had kept him around, maybe Chacon would have eventually roughed up the owner.

No one wants Chacon, and now he needs his remaining salary to get by. He should have thought of that before he decided to show how tough he was. If Chacon wins his grievance, it's a sad day for baseball.

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