Monday, July 28, 2008

2008 NFL Predictions

The N.F.L. preseason begins next week. Coleman and I have decided to make some educated guesses as to how the season will play out.

While I mulled over schedules and past trends...Coleman just selected...based on his own personal biases..(That is why Dallas is not picked to win)...

Here are our picks, lets have yours...

Ryan's Picks

NFC EAST-----------------NFC NORTH
1. Dallas --------------------1. Minnesota
2. Philadelphia (WC) --------2. Detroit
3. Washington --------------3. Green Bay
4. NY Giants --------------- 4. Chicago

NFC SOUTH --------------NFC WEST
1. New Orleans ------------1. Seattle
2. Carolina (WC) -----------2. St. Louis
3. Tampa Bay ------------- 3. San Fran
4. Atlanta ----------------- 4. Arizona

AFC EAST--------------- AFC NORTH
1. New England ----------1. Pittsburgh
2. Buffalo ----------------2. Cincinnatti
3. NY Jets --------------- 3. Cleveland
4. Miami ----------------- 4. Baltimore

AFC SOUTH ------------AFC WEST
1. Jacksonville -----------1. San Diego
2. Indy (WC) ------------ 2. Denver (WC)
3. Houston -------------- 3. KC
4. Tennessee ------------4. Oakland

Coleman's Picks

NFC EAST -------------NFC NORTH
1. Philadelphia ----------1. Minnesota
2. Dallas (WC) -----------2. Green Bay
3. NY Giants ------------ 3. Detroit
4. Washington -----------4. Chicago

1. New Orleans ---------1. Seattle
2. Tampa (WC) ---------2. Arizona
3. Carolina ------------- 3. St. Louis
4. Atlanta -------------- 4. San Fran

AFC EAST --------------AFC NORTH
1. New England ---------1. Cincinnati
2. Buffalo ---------------2. Pittsburgh
3. NY Jets -------------- 3. Cleveland
4. Miami ----------------4. Baltimore

AFC SOUTH ------------AFC WEST
1. Jacksonville ----------1. San Diego
2. Indy (WC) -----------2. Denver (WC)
3. Houston ------------- 3. KC
4. Tennessee -----------4. Oakland


TeddyBallGame said...

You two "experts" are so wrong.

First, Cleveland is a breakout team...look for them in the playoffs.

Second, does anyone remember that it was the Giants that actually won the Super Bowl, apparently the champions get no love.

Third, how can you say Carolina is going to the playoffs? They suck.

Finally, Jacksonville? Really? Every big game they have had recently in the regular season, they have blown. What makes you think they will get over the Indy hump this year?

I think ya'll should reconsider some of your picks.

cisom said...

Coleman....Cowboys as a wild card? It is their year and they are going to the big dance!

RPeterson said...


They're called predictions for a reason. If we could call every winner, we would be rich men. Cleveland is the most overhyped team in the league. They had an easy schedule last year and didn't even make the playoffs. This year their schedule is brutal. As for the Giants, they may have won the Super Bowl, but they are in the toughest division in sports. Repeating will not be easy. Carolina hasn't been good, but they do well every few years. I will agree with you on Jacksonville. That was my toughest pick. I wouldn't be surprised if Indy is back in the Super Bowl. By the way, if you're such an expert, where are your predictions? We want to see them.

Anonymous said...

NFC East
1. Dallas
2. NY Giants
3. Philly
4. Washington

NFC South
1. New Orleans
2. Tampa(WC)
3. Carolina
4. Atlanta

NFC North
1. Minnesota
2. Green Bay(WC)
3. Detroit
4. Chicago

NFC West
1. Seattle
2. Arizona
3. St. Louis
4. San Fran

AFC East
1. New England
2. Buffalo
3. Miami
4. NY Jets

AFC South
1. Indy
2. Jacksonville(WC)
3. Houston
4. Tennessee

AFC North
1. Pittsburgh
2. Cincy(WC)
3. Cleveland
4. Baltimore

AFC West
1. San Diego
2. Denver
3. Oakland
4. Kansas City

No way New York finishes last in the East. If the Cowboys don't come out of gate fast, they'll fall apart. Even without Favre, the Packers will still be good in a weak conference. I think Indy will bounce back and be unstoppable again this year, and Marvin Lewis will have the Bengals back in the playoffs. Thanks for putting your picks out there!

Conley Isom said...

Cowboys all the way!!!