Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Foul" Call

It has come to the attention of the sports world, that a 9-year old boy in Connecticut, is not being allowed to play in his little league, because "he is too good."

Thats right, organizers of the league, are banning Jericho Scott, becuase the league officals, say his 40 mph fastball, is just too much for the other kids.

Here is the interesting part, Jericho's coach and parents are saying that he was banned, 8 games in, mind you, after he turned down an offer from the league champion to play on their team, a team which just so happens to be sponsored by an employer of one of the league officials.

Now many people have differing views on this, so what the heck, why not add mine??

First, I think it is a crock that a kid should be banned from anything, at any age, especially considering that he has not hurt, mamed, or taunted any others in the league.

It would be like telling Michael Jordan he can't play basketball in the NBA, beacause he might win another MVP, and that would not be fair to the other players.


Second, games, and little league are supposed to be fun. The kids are not paid, they play for fun. But heaven forbid, that one of them be good, because then it is not fun, and they will run you off.

What kind of message does that send to kids? Play to have fun, but don't get too good, or we will not let you play.

Whatever happened to "Be all you can be? and "Strive for the best?"

Third, what does this say to kids about competition? If you truly want them to get better, then they will eventually have to play someone that is better.

The message they are sending to the other kids, is that if someone is better than you, just quit, or try to weasle the system and get the good kids kicked out of the league.

NO!! Don't quit. Make it a goal to become as good as they are.

The organizers of the league say that the league is there to "develop and promote the sport."

Really? Kicking a kid out of the league, because you feel he is too good, is developing the sport??

In all reality, Jericho may never develop into a 6'4 flamethrower, he may never get offered a college scholarship, and he might not even play baseball in high school.
Why take way something he is good at, now?
Finally, the part that really bugs me...PARENTS!!

I guarantee the people that are involved in this, are 'has been, never was, never will be' athletes in their life.

They are living vicariously through their kids, in the hopes that they can obtain some goal that they were never able to do.


I would almost venture to say, that the parents of they kids that were facing young Jericho, were either a.) jealous of the kids fastball, b.) embarrassed by their own kids, which led them to not try and help their kids, but to kick the better kids out of the league, thus making their kids better by default, or c.) appalled by the fact that a 9 year old, is better than they ever could have hoped to be.

I would say it is all three.

The point of the matter, is that, games are supposed to be fun. What is the fun of the game for Jericho? Is he to be punished by being too good?

If you were good at your job (like Ryan Peterson) would you take a pay decrease, because others were jealous?

Of course not.

I do have one question though.

If the best player in the league, Jericho, is now kicked out of the league, shouldn't the kid who was considered the 2nd best player, and is now the best, be kicked out as well? and so on?

When does a player get bad enough to be allowed to play? If he can walk, is he too good?

The funny thing is, Jericho feels bad for being too good.

He is not to blame.

I hope that the parents and supporters of Jericho, help him to realize that this is not his fault, and that it is ok to be good.

It is ok to strive to be the best.

And it is not ok, to be punished, for being the best.

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